If your not in maps, we can fix it. 

Not Getting Any Calls from the Web?

Let’s take care of your maps first! 

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Get your business map, and information at the top of the results on mobile devices. We troubleshoot current map optimization issues. 

Common Issues Why Maps Showing in Results

  • Duplicate Map Listings – Causes Google to Filter Duplicated from being displayed to users. 
  • Suspensions for fake addresses or incorrect business name.
  • Proper Category Selection
  • Overreaching Service Area Issues
  • Competitor Research
  • Trustworthiness Issues

Consumers are looking for your business but if they cannot find you by phone, they will spend their money elsewhere.

Professional and Experienced map listings done according to Google’s Standards.

Did you or another SEO company create your Google Map to find out it’s not coming up in for searches?

The shady tricks that shady characters did to try to get businesses listed in the top 3 maps don’t work.

We work to get your business trusted.

Nothing is worse than when a potential customer can’t find your business because it’s listed under a fake address, virtual office or had multiple maps created and is now being filtered out of the search results.

We can help increase your trust rankings in local maps and directories.

Focus on your business

We have over 15 years of experience when it comes to online marketing and adhering to Google guidelines. 

Why you can’t find your business in maps.

Can’t find your maps listing when you search for your business. Try using the name of your business as the search term. If you don’t show up, more than likely you are filtered out of the results for doing something bad.

Google My Business Optimization


Many marketers devote lots of time to trying to outsmart Google. Yet one of the best ways to have a successful business is to do exactly what Google says.

The very first step when it comes to optimizing your Google My Business listing is to meet all of the quality guidelines. Since many businesses do not follow these, this is one way to immediately get a leg up on them.

You will be able to locate the Google My Business quality guidelines listed underneath the help section of your GMB listing or you can also have a look here:

Here are the takeaways from the Google My Business quality guidelines:

  • You must have a legitimate, fully operating local business that you are in control of and that you are authorized to manage the Google My Business listing.
  • Your business must be accurately represented in a real and truthful manner.
  • Your location MUST be precise, accurate and will send someone right to your front door of your business.
  • You must be able to verify this with a physical address.
  • Chosen categories MUST reflect what your business currently is not what you want to list it as.

Your Google My Business Listing Completely Filled Out

You should strive to make your Google My Business listing as accurate and as fleshed out as possible. Again few businesses do this and leave much information blank.

Experts recommend adding as much content as possible because Google is extremely good at helping your local business appear in the search engines for people who want to contact you, but they can only do so with what you provide the search engines.

Google wishes to give its users the best possible experience and in most circumstances any user that contacts your page will have a much better experience if there is sufficient information for the potential client or customer to decide if you are what they are looking for.

Not only should you fill out the required fields but all of the optional fields as well and completely populate all information to enhance any and all user experiences when they visit your Google My Business page.

Essentially, taking into consideration the totality of several competing Google My Business pages, the page that has the most abundant and robust content typically outranks the others that did not take the time to add all of the necessary content.

More compelling listings containing more content will also deliver higher click through rates, more leads and conversions.

Choosing The Right Categories For Your Listing

Google has devoted a lot of time to ensuring that Google My Business listing are sufficiently categorized correctly so that users can quickly locate and find the business and services that they need.

Typically, Google will show the first several categories to help users decide the best listings to examine specifically when it comes to displaying local search results.

Additional categories will be displayed when the user clicks to see more information, but the first several choices are the most important and should be a complete reflection on the actual business services and/or practices.

Obviously, the categories you choose will make or break your business especially if you rely heavily on Google My Business for your local traffic.

Another important piece of advice when choosing categories for your Google My Business account is understanding that the categories you choose must accurately describe your business as much as possible.

If you do not choose the right categories, you can run into conflict with Googleu2019s algorithm that make sure that what people are searching for is what they will see represented in their search.

This also helps people find exactly what they want when they search for your products and services as well as increasing conversions from all of this traffic.

Good, Powerful and Simple Descriptions

When creating descriptions for your Google My Business page, you must understand about and put yourself in the users shoes.

For example, you may have chosen the category of bookstore, but what you are actually is a used bookstore so your description should immediately inform the visitor and give them a reason to click on other information about your business or to contact you or visit you.

Your goal is to create a short but powerful description which should be to convey your unique selling proposition immediately so that people visiting will realize exactly what it is you have to offer and follow through with you.

Keep in mind Google is already using your categories and geography as well as your location to determine when your business will show up in local searches.

This means your description is essentially a critical component to converting leads into sales. Keep it simple and effective! Let people know exactly what it is you can do for them.

Another reason for short, powerful descriptions is to keep in mind as many as 82% of all searches are from mobile devices. Simple works on mobile so get to the point and provide what people are looking for.